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  • We do not. Please submit any questions to the email address on our contact page,

  • No. You can still apply to the program. The Chemistry class must be completed and transcripts received prior to the first day of the program. Transcripts can be in NursingCAS during the application cycle or sent directly to MSA if the course is completed after the application deadline.

  • Any undergraduate or graduate level chemistry course with a focus in organic, inorganic or biochemistry from an accredited university is acceptable. It does not require a lab and it can be done all online. 

  • Both. The first year of the program is all didactic and the second and third year are a mixture of didactic and clinical.

  • 1. Minimum of 1 year accepted, two years preferred of full-time equivalent intensive/critical care experience is required prior to enrollment in the program and must continue up to at least 90 days prior to program start.

    2. High level NICU and PICU experience is accepted.

    3. ER and PACU experience is not accepted.  Flight nurse will be considered on an individual basis.

  • We do not. All transcripts are uploaded to NursingCAS and your GPA is calculated through there, with the exception of the chemistry course, if it is taken after the application deadline.

  • No, the GRE is not required to apply.

  • Should you get accepted, you will fill out a petition with Metro State for their review.

  • Applications are reviewed in September and interview letters will be sent out shortly after, 

  • Interviews are held in late fall/early winter and admission letters will be sent shortly after

  • Financial aid is available through Metro State University. Scholarships are available through the AANA. MSA offers a scholarship through the Janky Family.

  • While most of our clinical sites are located within the Twin Cities, we do have rotations in rural MN, Iowa and Wisconsin. Travel to sites outside of the TC will be an expectation and may incur additional cost to the student.

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